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Creative Curriculum ® engages children in hands-on-minds-on, relevant learning. Focus is on all important areas for school with integration of the arts ie; music, visual media, theater and dance as a way of learning.

We include project based approach to learning with emergent curriculum that is developmentally appropriate.  Concepts are arranged in order of skill acquisition.  Thus the child is given the opportunity to master a simple concept before progressing to a more complex one.  By providing this opportunity for success, the child experiences a growing sense of self-worth and a personal joy in learning. 

We recognize the importance of working closely with families and acknowledge family involvement as an essential and vital component of the total learning process.


The Nevada Pre-Kindergarten Standards are implemented.  Each child is seen as an individual who takes an active role in his/her own learning by selecting activities from a variety of learning areas.  Teachers provide the time and opportunities for children to explore and set up an environment that invites engaging activities. 

The staff encourages the development of a healthy self-concept by providing an accepting environment in which children are allowed to explore and make decisions, learn through spontaneous active play, in ways appropriate to each child’s age.  Individual developmental needs are met with appropriate adaptations and accommodations.  Development and learning are interrelated.  Learning to write and read depends in great part on how children feel about themselves and in their ability to achieve.  Children who believe they can learn, and expect to achieve, do so.  We enhance their ability to learn how to learn,

A balance of active and quiet, large and small group activities, as well as, individual; one to one time, promotes development and skill building in all learning areas.

Lively Letters Curriculum: We incorporate Reading with TLC Lively Letters Curriculum in our classrooms.  With this program, we simultaneously train phonemic awareness and phonics skills by using visuals, mnemonics, oral kinesthetic cues, hand/body cues, stories and music.  Reading with TLC turns lessons into fun activities that keep students engaged and motivated.

Written Assessments:  A cooperative team of trained professional Early Childhood Educators works with the Parents forming an alliance with our team of the Teacher, an Assistant Teacher, support staff and program specialists who work together to effectively assess, plan, implement and evaluate individual, as well as, program goals. Parents are always the first teachers in academics, social/emotional, traditions, customs and cultures with our staff’s support.  Written assessments may be requested and reviewed with the parents two times per year.

Student Portfolios:  The preschool staff uses student portfolios to document the ongoing progress of each child’s development.  A student portfolio is a collection of student work that illustrates the student’s interest, skills, and changes over time.  The portfolios may contain family information, informal and formal assessment, IEP, work samples, communications, anecdotal information, and reflections of the social development of the child.  It may be reviewed by staff and parents at any time.

Music & Movement Specialty Class: This weekly class is designed to embrace creative movement, dance, education and recognition that all children are musical and can participate with confidence in music.  Gross and fine motor skills, cognitive skills, body awareness, balance, coordination and rhythm are explored while using innovative materials.  By exploring music and movement, each child will be supported in their own music competence and development.

Drama Kids with Hannah Figueras

Singing Time! with Melissa Smith


Parent Teacher Meetings: Our program offers opportunities for parents to learn about the development of their children through on-going parent-teacher interactions and parent participation in the classroom, with parent meetings, materials and human resources.  Special events for families provide social interaction for adults, children and their siblings.



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