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What's Special About Us

Students will achieve the following Benefits for each Learning Center below


Learn Creativity, Problem Solving, Cause & Effect, Color Concepts, Art Techniques, Emotional Expression, Self Confidence, and Sharing & Taking Turns

Math & Manipulative

Learn 1-to-1 Correspondence, Number Concepts, Counting, Estimating, Graphinc, Ordering, Patterning, and Measuring. This promotes Fine Motor Development

Block & Building

Learn Measurment, Size & Shape, Geometry, Small & Large Muscle Control, Problem Solving, Cause & Effect, Sharing & Taking Turns, and Hand-Eye Coordination

Dramatic Play

Learn Negotiating, Problem Solving, Emotional Regulation, Self-Confidence, Sustained Attention, Idea Representation, Abstract Thinking, and Sharing & Taking Turns

Language & Literacy

Learn Concepts of Print & Books, Alphabetic Principles, Phonemic Awareness, Read & Writing, Rhyming, Comprehension, Vocabulary, and Risk Taking

Science & Sensory

Learn Observation, Predicting, Questioning, Problem Solving, Cause & Effect, Vocabulary, Math & Number Concepts, Science Concepts, Hand-Eye Coordination, and Sharing & Taking Turns


Learn Sequencing Events, Developing Language Skills, Developing Independent Reading Skills, Imagination, Infomation Gather, Print Awareness, Caretaking of Books


Learn Developing of Fine Motor Skills, Hand-Eye Coordination, Putting Thoughts to Words, Thought Expression, Communicating Ideas, Brainstorming Ideas


About Us

Our philosophy at Aprende Academy Pre-K is to help the natural unfolding of each child's educational potential by providing each child with an environment of exciting learning experiences. Our arts integration curriculum offers a well-balanced amount of teacher-directed activities with child-directed activities - helping children grow in all areas of curriculum, develop socially, and become self-motivated learners.

We also incorporate STEAM which is Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math aspects throughout the instructional day.

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Helping children grow in all areas of curriculum, develop socially, and become self-motivated learners.

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