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Philosophy of Our Program

Aprende Academy Preschool directs the development of each child:

Intellectually, Socially, Emotionally and Physically
We are dedicated to help the natural unfolding of each child's educational potential. Providing each child with an environment of exciting learning experiences, our art & STEM integrated curriculum offers a well-balanced amount of teacher directed activities with child directed activities.
We strive to help children grow in all areas of development and become self-motivated learners.

The emphasis on arts & STEM integration, i.e.; visual media, music, dance, science, math, engineering, and theater increases cognitive, emotional, physical and social development as it enhances math, science, reading, writing and language.

Research supports the importance of the arts in academic achievement (CNAEA, 1994). By expressing and appreciating the arts, one develops thought processes and communication skills (Althouse, Johnson, Mitchell). Arts involve all content areas. Early childhood curriculum is not taught in isolated segments but is integrated across content areas. The arts connect the content areas and give children a means of developing new ways of understanding their world.

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Helping children grow in all areas of curriculum, develop socially, and become self-motivated learners.