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Reading with TLC

Lively Letters Curriculum: Lively Letters™ is a research-based and clinically-proven, multi-sensory reading program that turns plain, abstract letters and sounds into lively characters. Created by Nancy Telian, MS, CCC-SLP, forty-seven letters and letter combinations are embedded into colorful pictures that show students what to do with their mouths when making the letter sounds. The Lively Letters™ program addresses multiple targets, simultaneously training students in the critical skills of phonemic awareness, phonics, and speech production. The oral kinesthetic (mouth cues) feature of the Lively Letters™ Program helps set it apart from other multi-sensory programs, as students are taught what to do with their mouths in order to produce the sounds. This is done in a fun and engaging way as students are introduced to meaningful letter characters that are strategically embedded right into the letters.



We offer a child centered program that implements play-based learning inspired by a creative curriculum and will be incorporating the Lively Letters Program. Aprende focuses on creating a learning environment that allows children to learn by actively exploring the classroom and engaging in hands on experiences. Teachers plan and teach to individual students' needs and interests. It covers all content areas for Kindergarten Readiness while integrating the arts as a way of learning.

Program Description

The Nevada Pre-Kindergarten Standards are implemented throughout the program. Each child is seen as an individual who takes an active role in his/her own learning by selecting activities from a variety of learning areas. Teachers set up the learning environment with art integrated activities and provide the time and opportunities to explore. For additional information on the Nevada Pre-Kindergarten Standards, please refer to the link below.

Nevada Pre-Kindergaren Standards

Standards correlate with:

Written Assessments
Within the first 45 days of the school year, each child will complete a Brigance® assessment. The assessment will allow teachers to get a snap shot of the academic and cognitive level of each child. Children will also be assessed throughout the year and a progress report will be sent home at the end of first semester and at the end of the year.

Student Portfolios
The Teachers use student portfolios to document the ongoing progress of each child's development. A student portfolio is a collection of student work that illustrates the student's interests, skills, and changes over time. The portfolios may contain informal and formal assessments, work samples, anecdotal information, and reflections of the social development of the child. It may be reviewed by staff and parents at any time.

Parent Teacher Conferences
Parent and teacher meetings will be held at least once per year to review ongoing progress and to set student goals. Meetings will be scheduled individually. You may schedule a conference with your child’s teacher at any time. We especially encourage this when you have questions about your child’s progress, class work or school policies. Please do not interrupt the classroom during instructional times or interfere with arrival and dismissal procedures of other students to conference with the teacher.

Please allow the teacher the opportunity to schedule an appointment to meet with you, to offer privacy and enough time to discuss your concerns without interruption.

Special Education
Aprende Academy Preschool is a private Preschool and is on campus at the invitation of Southern Hills Baptist Church. Students may be referred to Child Find or any other outside agency to obtain additional resources and services to support children’s development. If services are established, the families are required to provide Aprende Academy Preschool with your child’s written IEP. The collaboration between specialists and preschool teachers promotes a partnership that will provide the most beneficial outcome for your child. It is utilized to give your child the optimal support in our inclusive environment.

For more information about Child Find please refer to their website:

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