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Family Involvement

Families have the right and are welcome to observe the program before enrollment and at any time after enrollment of the child. Be sure to contact your child’s teacher ahead of time to schedule any classroom visits. Please be advised that non-program enrolled children are not allowed into the classrooms during the school day. All visitors/volunteers are required to check in at the office for a visitor's pass.

Per Nevada Child Care Licensing all parent volunteers must be 18 years of age or older. Volunteers must sign a Consent and Release Form and have a negative TB test on file prior to any work inside the classroom. If you are interested in volunteering in the classroom, please send a copy of your negative TB test results to your child's teacher. All volunteers are required to complete a Confidentiality Form. Volunteers are prohibited from taking photos or videotaping during class time. If you need to use your phone, please step out of the classroom.

Parents & Family Activities May Include:

- Take student dictations of their oral stories
- Read to the children
- Make/repair/purchase classroom materials
- Help prepare classroom materials
- Assist in playground supervision
- Assist during snack time
- Assist with events, class projects, or programs
- Make copies
- Help with class decorations or displays
- Help plan classroom parties
- Be a guest speaker (share your career, family traditions, or culture)

Seasonal Activities

Seasonal events are celebrated with special activities, visitors, family involvement, songs and games, and with discussion and exploration of their cultural origins. We do not exchange gifts on any of these occasions. We will be incorporating holidays in a low-key child-centered manner. It is important that all activities remain age and culturally appropriate.

Birthdays & Half-y Birthdays

We will celebrate and sing "Happy Birthday" on the child’s birthday (or near it). Children with summer birthdays will be acknowledged on their “Half –y” birthday (6 mos. after their birthday). Invitations for private birthday parties will not be dispersed during the Program.

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