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"My daughter Dea Trump attended Pre-K school at Doral Academy Saddle Campus 2015-2016. I would say this is one of the best schools I have found in Las Vegas. Your quality of care and education that my child received was above and beyond my expectation. Phenomenal teachers, Mrs. Ciarolla and Miss Brooks truly educated the kids. My daughter was so happy going to school every day with a big smile on her face. Kids seemed to have fun while learning things. The curriculum was very carefully considered and varied week to week. I was so thankful to find a program that involved me as a parent and allowed my child to explore a variety of subjects trough many learning styles. Pre-K Arts Integrated Program at Doral Academy provided fantastic foundation for learning both socially and academically that will help kids to succeed in elementary school and beyond. Dea has learned so much. She is only Pre-K, but she is reading at about a 2nd grade reading level. She loves reading every day during her summer vacation and improving her reading skills. She is only 5 years old and has excellent early writing skills. I could not ask for more. Thank you Doral for loving our kids!"
~ Eleonora Trump

"The Pre-K program at Doral Fire Mesa was the best decision my husband and I have made for our daughter. Prior to her going to Doral she was enrolled with [another preschool program] and hated every minute of being there. She would cry and have anxiety every morning. We were new to the Aprende Academy family and did not know what to expect we had heard many wonderful things and they turned out to be all true. Mrs. Miklos and Mrs. Gilmartin were two of most amazing teachers. The passion and love they had towards to children and to education blew us away. Our daughter never wanted to leave school and on days there wasn't school she begged to go. Our daughters amazing experience has given her nothing but confidence for the start of her academic process. We are forever grateful for the Pre-K program and the teachers."
~ Michelle Ferrulli

“My wife and I are writing this note to you to say thank you for employing Rhiannon Joel and Mihaela Spiridon at Aprende Academy Preschool, Pre-K at St Rose Campus, 1385 E. Cactus Ave, LV 89183. Our 5 year old daughter, Adyson Fitzgerald, attends the 11:40-2:40 session. Every morning she asks if it is time to go to school yet... she is very happy at Aprende Pre-K. My, the things she is learning, the books being read, already knowing The Pledge of Allegiance in just a few short weeks, all the wonderful items to play with, the new friends she is making, but, most of all, the wonderful, kind teachers, Ms. Joel and Ms. S. The smiles that greet Adyson each morning and the smiles at the end of each day when time to leave... what amazing teachers they are.

Adyson is learning to count in Spanish, she is recognizing words in books, and she is learning the importance of fire safety, she loves learning yoga... the list goes on and on. Thank you again for such a wonderful Pre-K program and two very efficient, happy teachers.”
~ William Fitzgerald

“Our son was previously educated in the private school sector, and we were looking for a change. My mother and sister actually came across Aprende Academy just by driving by the Fire Mesa Campus. We applied and our son was selected and his life changed. He met Mrs. Townsend and Mrs. Giddens and has blossomed ever since. We are impressed on a daily basis with the professionalism and love these teachers have for their students and teaching in general. I know that everyday my son attends this school he is growing and developing into a better person and student. I also find that the scope of their curriculum has surpassed my expectations. I have to say this will go on record as one of the best decisions we have made for our son. We also plan to enroll our daughter, who is only 5 months when she is ready for Pre-K. Thank you to Mrs. Townsend, Mrs. Giddens and Aprende Academy Preschool. We are truly blessed.”
~ Ashley Swarowski

“Aprende is a wonderful preschool. My daughter-in-law constantly posts on Facebook our little ones accomplishments.

We love, love, love this school, who knew my 4year old would be reading and spelling site words by January and she just started in September! Her teacher knew! I didn't believe it until I saw it with my own eyes!

Aprende Academy Pre-K @ Pinecrest Academy is everything!

Ms. Joel and Ms. S make Aprende the wonderful school/class that it is. Their love for what they do and the children is most evident and appreciated. My granddaughter is very happy attending and is anxious each day to “go to school”.

Thank you for having such a program, it gives my granddaughter the perfect start to her academic career.”
~ Beverly Amin

“It was simply wonderful to be in your room on Wednesday. Your little pre-K kiddos are the most darling children on the planet. They were leaning in and engaged in your plant research project. They were predicting if the carrot pieces would grow in a water and pebble environment. You were directing them to make connections to previously started experiments and to songs that they have learned about what plants need. There were many “oohs and aahs” as they observed the growth of the radish, carrot, and zucchini plants. They were using magnifying lenses to see if the radish and carrot had taken root. All the while, you used specific and educational vocabulary with them: fragile, container, experiment, observations, purpose, absorbs, soil, etc.

After observations and discourse, the students wrote in their journals about items they would have in their own gardens. Initially, they were encouraged to visualize the colors they associated with gardens. They were given the charge of determining at least three colors to provide vivid details in their illustrations. As students began to brainstorm, you related their details back to the science experiments. For example, when a student suggested that she wanted to include the sun in her garden, you said, “That is an excellent detail because we learned that plants need the sun to grow.” Your students eagerly connected their scientific inquiry to building a garden of their own in their journals.

It was a pleasure to be in your room, and I can’t wait to see how big that zucchini plant grows!”
~ Bridget Mecham (Executive Instructional Coach)

"I am so happy that we chose Aprende Academy Pre-K at Pinecrest Inspirada for my daughter. The small class sizes combined with two excellent teachers created an environment where my daughter has thrived. The teachers (Ms. Lambert and Ms. Benzon) planned a diverse range of activities that truly made learning fun. Best of all, academics were customized for each child to optimize success based on their individual needs. I highly recommend this school and it will be deeply missed."
~ Tiffany Hedgepeth

"This last year with Aprende Academy Pre-K has been absolutely wonderful. I cannot stress enough how wonderful the staff is, from the teachers to the directors, every single person I have dealt with has been beyond accommodating. I have had the pleasure in watching my son blossom over the year in his class at the Aprende Academy Pre-K located in Pinecrest St. Rose. Ms. S and Ms. Joel are two of the most caring teachers that have aided in the educational growth with my child tremendously!

I will recommend this Pre-K Program to anyone in search of a place for their child. I am returning again next year and couldn't be more excited!"
~ Rachelle Darley

“Another school year has come and gone! I would like to state that although I wasn’t ready for my granddaughter to attend pre-k, she was. What a wonderful experience she had these 9 months. The Aprende Academy Pre-K Program is an excellent program. I have had my children in private and public school, I’m familiar with homeschooling, and Aprende rivals all of them. The pace, the curriculum, the atmosphere were all perfect for learning and developing my little ones mind and interest. He never once cried not to go.

Aprende Academy Pre-K has the various learning centers that help round out the interest and likes of 4 year olds. Each day, my granddaughter learned something and could logically explain any process. How she has grown in intellect!!!!

Aprende is credited with such an excellent program due to the dedication and love of Ms. Joel and Ms. S. WOW!!!! I can’t say enough for these two ladies. I appreciate their hard work and love for what they do, it truly shows in them and their students.

Thank you again for offering and maintaining a great educational program."
~ Grandmother of Student

"My wife Tina and I wanted to Thank You, Mrs. Ciarolla, Mrs. Burr and Mrs. Cruz for an incredible year and experience. Darina was having a great time with you and all the kids. I can assure you she was coming with a smile on her face every day. We are so glad we took that journey and happy to have you and your crew showing her how wonderful and entertaining school can be. A big THANK YOU and Congratulations on your professionalism. We could only hope Darina's next teacher would be as good as you are."
~ Radostina & Nikolay Boyadzhiev

“Absolutely phenomenal institution. We are familiar with their Pre-K Program through Aprende Academy Pre-K. The Director is qualified, well-prepared, and great with the students as well as a strong educator. The Program Executive Director Shannon is friendly and returns calls promptly. Paying for tuition is effortless. The school itself is secure, beautiful and spacious. The Creative Curriculum engages the children in hands-on-minds-on, relevant learning. Focus is on all important areas for school with integration of arts as a way of learning."
~ Amber Fuller

"Our daughter, Harper Magreta, has been LOVING Aprende. She came from Challenger preschool and made a complete 180 after attending Aprende. She thrives, she is outgoing, she is creative, her personality shines and she tells us she loves going to school and can’t wait to go each day.

We appreciate the dedication that Mrs. Ciarolla and Mrs. Cruz give each and every day and the fun they create in learning. We were hesitant in our decision with changing schools but we are now very happy we made the change because we saw Harper light up and really connect with Aprende."
~ Stacey and Daryl Magreta

"LOVE!!! My little man is learning so much. Every day he comes home with a new song. The songs are about days of the week and months in a year. At 4 yrs. old, he can even spell Orange. He knows the seasons and has good manners. There are so many things that I can't even touch base on. Pre-K is so important for a child's development. I Love Mrs. Townsend. She always is smiling and is so open and positive. I feel very comfortable with her. Aprende is the best for Max."
~ Brian Schenck

"Happy Holidays! I cannot say enough about Aprende Academy Pre-K. From the very beginning we were welcomed with open arms. Andrew didn’t even look back on his first day as he was so excited for the adventures ahead. Ms. Joel and Mrs. Spiridon are truly amazing! Their passion for wanting your child to succeed is incredible. My son has learned so much and loves going to school each day. I want nothing more than to continue his education at this school! Thank you making our experience a great one."
~ Emily Chittenden

"My son, Cole attended Aprende Academy last year for Pre-K at the Pinecrest St. Rose location. I just wanted to reach out and make sure to let you know how incredibly happy we were with Ms. Joel and Mrs. Spiridon. I could not imagine two better teachers to educate and care for my child. Because of these two amazing women, my son LOVES school and is excited about learning. He is motivated to learn how to read so that he can return to Ms. Joel's class and read them a story. Not a day goes by that my child does not talk about his Pre-K class or things that he learned and did in school. You have a very special teacher working for your program.

We look forward to enrolling our middle child in your program next year."
~ Erica Ockey

"Being a part of the Aprende Academy Pre-K family for the last two years has been a life changing experience for my son. Through the teachings of the wonderful support staff, Ms. Joel, and Mrs. Spiridon, I have had the pleasure of watching my son grow educationally and emotionally ready to join kindergarten this next year. I recommend this institution to anyone in search of a Pre-K whose staff truly cares about the well-being and growth of your child. Leaving your son or daughter can be difficult for any parent, yet watching these teachers as they helped my son flourish, I have never had the slightest bit of worry that he was in excellent care. My son moving on to Kindergarten is a bittersweet experience as it means we are leaving behind these wonderful teachers, yet those feelings are a testament to how happy we were throughout the time my son has been in this Pre-K program. Thank you, Aprende Academy Pre-K, and specifically Ms. Joel, Mrs. Spiridon and Shannon Killeen for helping this journey through Pre-K be an absolute pleasure and stress-free experience for both myself and my son."
~ Rachelle Darley

"Aprende Red Rock Pre-K has far surpassed my expectations and we highly recommend it to anyone! This was not only my son's first time attending any form of school, but also the first time he was away from us. Mrs. Ciarolla and Ms. Cruz immediately made us feel like he was in good in hands. They are such kind and caring individuals but also wonderful teachers. Everything was so well organized throughout the year, plus the curriculum and class size was perfect. It has been an excellent mix of education, socialization, art, music and yoga. We are also so grateful that Aprende is a part of the Doral Academy system, especially since our other 2 children attend Red Rock Middle School. It made things so much easier for us and our little one knowing that they were all on the same campus. Our son has truly loved going to school and has learned so much in the past year. We know he will be going into Kindergarten feeling confident because of his great experience in Pre-K. We only wish Mrs. Ciarolla and Ms. Cruz could be his Kindergarten teachers as well. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!"
~ Mr. and Mrs. Hudson

"My daughter absolutely loves going to Aprende. She is so excited for all the end of school festivities. However, I don’t think she understands how much she will miss her beloved teachers, Mrs. Ciarolla and Mrs. Cruz, along with all her friends from class this summer. I feel she will be fully prepared for Kindergarten next year. She has gain so much knowledge from the ABCs to sounding out words as well as understanding the world around her with a critical eye. She will also be ready for the 5-day schedule similar to what she is doing now. The Pre-K classroom is so enticing to young minds that on her first day she sat right down and told us teary-eyed parents it was OK to leave her now. This school year has been so eventful for her and for us, being that she is our first, and the whole family is ready for next year. Thanks to all the teachers and families that made our child’s early school experience a great one."
~ Tony Ramos

"My son, Max loves going to school. I truly believe that Mrs. Townsend and Mrs. Salinas are the main reasons why. He is learning so much. I'm amazed with his Spanish vocabulary. Thank you for everything you do."
~ Michele Schenck

"I wanted to take some time to let you know just how much this school year has changed the dynamics of our life, not just for our little boy, Jude, but for our entire family.

Prior to enrolling Jude in Aprende, he was home with me every day. I was very fortunate to be in a situation where I could stay home and care for him until he reached preschool age. When my husband and I discussed options for pre-k, we wanted a program that would have a structured curriculum and also foster independence and development of social skills.

I'm sure you already know this, but you have two of the most amazing women teaching the children at your Pinecrest location. Mrs. Townsend has gone so far above and beyond my expectations in her daily approach to her job. I have shared my struggles with different challenges that my little boy has gone through this year and not only did she support me in finding solutions (he has some sensory issues and these things make meals and certain types of clothes an obstacle from time to time), but she researched and shared information that validated me as a parent and it also gave me real and practical advice to push through and make huge progress with him. You have a rare gem in her and I want you to know that she feels an incredible duty to give them the tools they need to be their best selves. I know that she is busy with her own family after her work day is done, yet she has always found time in the evening and on weekends to research and provide me with resources to support Jude whenever I have asked for help.

In a world where teachers are often burnt out, under-appreciated, and just plain tired, your program has been lucky to find a true champion for your students and their families. I never imagined that we would have a teacher who loved our little boy and want to see him succeed in everything he set out to do when we began this journey last fall. To say that I will miss her and hold her in my heart for years to come is an understatement. There will never be enough words to express the positive impact she has made and I hope that your entire administrative team always fights to keep her on staff as she continues her career with your program.

I also want to share my thoughts on Mrs. Salinas. She is an integral part of why your Pinecrest Aprende program is so special. Each and everything that she does as part of the teaching team is with intention and compassion. I have seen how she is right there if a child has even the tiniest scrape or sheds a tear. She works in complete sync with Mrs. Townsend, and because of her desire to provide the best environment for all the students, the two of them accomplish so much in such a short amount of time each day. It really is a thing of beauty to watch how they each anticipate what needs to be done in order to deliver on the expectations of the day.

Jude couldn't hold a pencil or write his name last fall. Now he is writing, doing math problems, talking about Sputnik, recycling, the meaning of and practicing empathy, the significance of MLK, and so much more!!!!

In short, and simply put, never let them go!! Cherish both of them and please make sure that you do whatever is in your power to let them know how much they are appreciated. If, for some strange reason, you ever doubt that they have blessed many lives just in this academic year, I'll leave you with this.... I have seen students wrap their arms around both of these teachers and tell them they love them more times than I can count. Unsolicited hugs and expressions of love from your students heaped upon those two teachers perfectly illustrates that your program got it right."
~ Hope Ferguson

"We had an excellent experience with Mrs. Townsend and Mrs. Salinas at Aprende Academy at Pinecrest Inspirada. Though sometimes challenging, they took the time to really get to know our daughter. Both teachers provided a safe and loving environment where Micah-Grace was welcomed each day. Micah-Grace started the year very shy and reluctant about attending preschool. By the end of the year she was comfortable and enjoying learning with the teachers and the kids. We enjoyed an overall positive experience. Thank you."
~ Westin C. Goetz

"I am writing to share my experience this year with The Aprende Academy at Pinecrest Inspirada.

We truly had an excellent experience with The Aprende Academy Pre-K program at Pinecrest Inspirada this year! We moved 2 years ago from California and had loved the Pre-K program that our older 2 daughters had attended there. We were hoping to find a program that was similar to the one in California. We were extremely skeptical that we would find one as good. However, we were completely blown away with the program here. Not only was it as good as our previous experiences in California but it was even better! Mrs. Townsend is truly an incredible teacher. The team of her and Mrs. Salinas cannot be beat. They are both very passionate about helping the children and the children respond so well to both of them. Not only did my daughter bloom academically, but also advanced quickly with general life skills.

My daughter has numerous food allergies, as well as, asthma. Both Mrs. Townsend and Mrs. Salinas paid such close attention to her health and well-being. They were keen on all the details and would contact us immediately if any concerns arose. We were put at ease dropping off our sweet daughter to be in their care every day.

We were also impressed with all the adorable projects they did with the children this year. They really got the children’s creative minds going and taught them a love of art, along with building their confidence.

So thankful for our experience with this program. We highly recommend this Pre-K program to everyone! Mrs. Townsend and Mrs. Salinas are truly outstanding!"
~ Tayanna Cusic (Mickalina’s Mom)

"Aprende Academy Pre-K at Pinecrest Inspirada have wonderful teachers and role models for our children. I was very impressed with how I saw the kids play and socialize on the playground. I believe the character traits were a very important piece. The kids learned so much with the teacher’s guidance and support. I was extremely pleased with the entire program and feel you provided our children a great foundation to take with them into Kindergarten. Kylie loved going to school every day and loves to learn. I think Mrs. Townsend and Mrs. Salinas were a big part of what she loved about school.

They have a natural talent to educate young minds. They are very good at what they do. Their hearts are definitely in the right place.

Thank you for an exceptional Pre-K Program!"
~ Elin Imas

"I wanted to share another reason why Aprende Academy Pre-K Teachers, Mrs. Townsend and Mrs. Salinas are so AMAZING! At Wallin Elementary School this year, the Kindergarten classes have been larger than normal. They decided to pull 3-4 kiddos from each Kindergarten class that were the highest achieving so far and create an enrichment class for those 18 kiddos to go to for 4 hours every day. Three students from the AM Aprende class last year were all chosen and started their new enrichment class today! You guys did a fabulous job of getting them ready for Kindergarten that they are at a much higher level of learning than their peers. Just wanted to share the great news with you! We do wish though that the two of you were teaching her class again this year! My daughter’s teacher mentioned last week that she has already completed all of the necessary curriculum for the entire Kindergarten year and is already ready for 1st grade!"
~ Tayanna Cusic

"Sending your child to school for the first time can be a scary experience. I had no idea what to expect. What we received from Aprende Academy Pre-K was above and beyond. The moment I met Mrs. Townsend and Mrs. Salinas I felt a sense of relief and comfort. Throughout the year, they took the time to get to know my child personally and help his confidence grow. The academic progress he made was tremendous and he is ready for Kindergarten!"
~ Danielle M.

"Our experience with Aprende Academy Pre-K program has been absolutely wonderful!!! A little hesitant back in January when I registered my son but with countless hours of research & finally choosing a charter school, my family & I are very grateful & thankful that we are a part of such an amazing program. Ms. Joel & Mrs. Spiridon has done and still are doing an incredible job.

Ms. Joel does not skip a beat when it comes to keeping us informed about everything that's going on or about any upcoming events, as working parents that helps tremendously.

The moment both my husband & I went in for the orientation we knew instantly that we picked the right program. I've always said that teachers are very special people & both Ms. Joel & Mrs. Spiridon are very special to us. Our son absolutely loves school and loves them both, even if it’s for 3 hours a day. The stories that we hear are priceless!!!

Our son has learned so much in such a short time, it's truly amazing. From only being able to count to 10 when he started to now being able to count to 100, he also sings like it's nobody's business 😍, something he didn't do prior to starting the program. I could go on & on for hours, but I wanted to at least send you something short, sweet & to the point to tell you how grateful & thankful we truly are!!!!

Thank you so much for such an amazing program!!!!!"
~ Jennifer K.

"My daughter, being an only child, hasn’t had a lot of school-like experience. In fact, she’s had none. So I was just as nervous that first school day as she was. Tears were shed and hugs lasted for a long time. Fast forward a few months to December, my daughter says to me “Mommy do you remember when I was a baby and I was scared of school? But now, I love it!” Of course this makes me happy because not only has she gained a love for knowledge, growing in self-confidence, but also that she can put the words together to have a back and forth conversation with me. I’m amazed at her growth in drawing and writing skills... I could go on and on.

I have always felt this school has kept great communication and provided peace of mind with keeping our kids safe. Mrs. Kaiser and Mrs. Welly are the dream team. I’m so thankful we found Aprende Academy.

Thank you."
~ Melissa Kim

"I am so thankful for the passionate educators at Aprende Academy Pre-K. My son spent a year at another highly rated Preschool in town, and had a terrible experience. The curriculum was highly touted and the prices were very high, but I felt the teachers lacked the passion, flexibility, and qualification that a true educator embodies. My son came home upset almost every day, did not want to participate, and became isolated at school. I feel he was judged, picked on by his teachers, marginalized, and even told “he might not be a good fit for our school moving forward”. He didn’t fit in to their small box, so they told me there must be something wrong with him. No doctor or evaluation has ever corroborated their claim, and have in fact, said the opposite - that he is exceptionally smart, friendly and bright. In great contrast, our experience at Aprende has been absolutely wonderful. As simple as Pre-K can seem, I wanted my son to have a great start to his education, and he has received that at Aprende. I have a happy child come home to me at the end of every day, I can see is development and progress, and have heard feedback from his teachers that lines up with the little boy we as his parents know and love. I love watching him enjoy going to school every day, and making friends in an environment that is warm, friendly, fun, and exploratory. Thank you, Aprende Academy Pre-K!"
~ Sarah

"The most difficult part about having Mrs. Ciarolla and Ms. Cruz as our son’s teachers will be saying goodbye to them at the end of the year. Our son started at Aprende well into the school year when our family relocated to Summerlin. He was completely supported by Mrs. Ciarolla and Ms. Cruz, as he made new friends and transitioned to a new style of learning. We are so grateful for the amazing experience and the progress our son has made in such a short time. Above all, thanks to his incredibly positive, caring, and knowledgeable teachers, he LOVES school!"
~ Laura

"We absolutely LOVE Mrs. Kaiser and Mrs. Jackie! These women are so incredible that I am so very sad that the school year is ending and these wonderful ladies will not be Ava's teacher anymore! They taught her how to read! I am just over the moon! What she has learned is priceless and she has so much fun while doing it! She comes home every day with so much excitement and says she feels so loved. Nothing could be more important to me. I am happy and grateful beyond belief!"
~ Wendy

"This year has been such amazing experience for both Jackson and I. I have watched my son blossom emotionally and educationally. The communication, and just down right love and time for the classroom shows. Thank you for all that you do every day. You guys are truly amazing teachers, which is so hard to find. Difficult to part with and impossible to forget! Thank you very much for taking the time to encourage and enrich Jackson’s life!"
~ Jessica

"My daughter, Sophia currently attends Mrs. Townsend and Mrs. Ybarra’s class at Doral Saddle. I just have to say we have been so pleased with the whole program. She has learned so much in just this first school year. It has been so great to see her grow. We love the teachers, they are so understanding and they truly enjoy the kids. It is a great feeling as a parent. Best choice I’ve made!"
~ Danela

"My daughter really enjoys the school, her teacher, and her time at Aprende Academy! She learns a lot and is having fun at the same time."
~ Olga

"My son is in his second year at Aprende Academy at Saddle and we LOVE IT! He has grown so much academically, socially and emotionally. I have two other little ones who I will without question be placing them in this Program as well! Mrs. Rogers and Mrs. Ybarra care for the kids like they are their own. My son truly loves them! I am so grateful we found this Program!"
~ Nitsa

"I would highly recommend Aprende Academy to any parents with a preschooler. All the teachers maintain an upbeat positive attitude with consistently encourages students to enjoy every aspect in their curriculum while learning. My daughter loves this school so much that she never wants to miss a day and always looks forward to coming to school each day!"
~ Nicer

"Aprende Academy has been amazing this year! My daughter loves going to school each day to see her amazing teachers. She has learned so much and has come so far this year! She is reading, writing, adding, and so much more! She has also grown socially, which was huge for us. She will definitely be ready to go to Kindergarten next Fall. I cannot thank her teachers enough for all they have done for her this School Year."
~ Leanne Marie

"We had a great experience with my son at Aprende Academy Pre-K. Great teachers and good curriculum compared to other Pre-K Programs."
~ Joshua

"Mrs. Kaiser is amazing! Christopher loves her so much and looks forward to her lessons. She has been so amazing and is always there for our families every question or concern. She makes all the assignments fun and exciting. I wish she could grow with Christopher and be his teacher every year. Thank you for all you do!"
~ Lauren Castellino

"I would like to share some of the great progress my daughter has received from participating in the Aprende Academy Pre-K Program. I see so much growth in her social skills and her ability to communicate with her peers. Mataina continues to improve in her ability to count and say her alphabet and I'm so proud of her! She enjoys her classroom time with Mrs. Kaiser and Mrs Babbitt, they are absolutely wonderful! They are patient and understanding and always willing to include the parents in interactive activities with the kiddos, and I appreciate that :)"
~ Iliganoa Teo

"Mrs. Kaiser, thank you for your love of teaching, passion and your patience for my son (octopus boy). This experience has been amazing, seeing how you let the children be creative. Teaching them that it’s ok that they don’t have something is teaching them to problem solve. He absolutely loves school and he loves his teacher. Thank you so much and you are definitely APPRECIATED!!"
~ Kandyce Douglas

"This will be my third year with Mrs. Ciarolla and Ms. Cruz. My daughter initially started with them both as a half year of Pre-K and the second year did a full year of Pre-K. My son is currently in his first half year with them as well. It was such a great experience with my daughter, I wanted the same experience for my son so I was very determined to get him in there. Luckily they had a last minute opening for the pm class. They are both such a pleasure to be around and you can just tell they love what they do! My son loves school. He will ask to go to school on the weekends. Thank you Mrs. Ciarolla & Ms. Cruz for all that you do! It doesn’t go unnoticed."
~ Nicole Barton

"My daughter started Pre-K this year and she is very shy. She has a hard time coming out of her shell and her teachers made her feel very comfortable. Miss Lane and Mrs. Ybarra recognized what she needed and got her active and involved with the other kids and now she has many, many friends. I was so pleased to see that they were aware she is a "quiet kid" and they made sure to get her involved so she feels comfortable sharing in class. Love them and sad we won't just have them every year!"
~ Stephanie Bixler-Gouveia

"Hi, we wanted to share that Miss Hardin has been the best part of this year. Dominic is in his first year at Aprende and we were so nervous and scared but Miss Hardin made it easy and made Dominic love her right away. He has learned so much so fast and he always comes home telling us how much he loves school. We are definitely excited to have Dominic brother join next year and have Dominic enjoy Aprende one more year. She takes her time with each student and loves what she does. It’s been a long time since I’ve met a teacher who still loves teaching and enjoys her students as much as Miss Hardin. We appreciate her so much ❤️ "
~ Maybelline Cabrera

"Aprende Academy has been the best experience for our son. He genuinely loves it and has developed more than I could have ever imagined. All of his experiences can be applied in the real world and promote a healthy and well-rounded education. The teachers are positive, kind, and great influences. Thank you for being the best!"
~ Melissa Pickett

"Ms. Joel and Ms. O are the greatest teachers ever! I love telling any parents willing to listen how amazing Aprende Academy Pre-K is and the teachers. My husband and I were touring schools for Kindergarten, and when I asked specific questions about what they teach, I was shock to realize that Dylan is more than prepared for Kindergarten. He is already learning many of the Kindergartner curriculum. And many are so impressed, including myself that at 4, he was able to count to 100, speaks so eloquently, and learned some Spanish (Thank you Ms. O!). Being at Aprende has given him so much confident, and he’s so eager to learn. I am actually afraid that he will get bored at Kindergarten because many of the curriculum he’s already learned or learning. So I just want to thank you for putting together an amazing school, and employing such wonderful teachers. It is because of Ms. Joel and Ms. O. that Dylan’s first experience with school has been wonderful and has set him up with success in the future. I am truly going to miss them - probably more than Dylan."
~ Tanya Tang

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